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Vision Mart Services

Vision Mart in Farmington provides all the services you need to go along with the purchase of new contacts or glasses. We accept most vision insurance plans and can answer any questions you may have about coverage or payments.

Eye Exams

It is required by law to get an eye exam once per year to adjust your prescription to any vision changes and monitor your eye health. You can get an eye exam at a convenient appointment time at Vision Mart. Our optometrists test your vision, physically examine your eyes for abnormalities, test for glaucoma, and address any eye health issues such as allergies or viruses if needed. We can recommend the best contact lenses for dry eyes or the best type of frames for you.

Glasses & Contacts

Vision Mart caters the eye exam based on if you wear or are purchasing glasses or contacts. We determine any changes in your prescription and ensure they match your vision perfectly to achieve 20/20 eyesight.

Glass Fitting

Our associates will fit your glasses frames to your nose, ears, and face shape by making adjustments and customizing the frames for each individual. When your glasses come in, we’ll have you try them on and make any further adjustments if needed.


During an eye exam, we may use drops to dilate your pupils. This allows the doctor to better view the inside of the eye and check for problems with the retina, macula, and optic nerve. The dilation is painless and will wear off within a couple hours of your appointment; however, use caution is you need to drive yourself home and wear sunglasses because your eyes will be sensitive to light.

Emergency Eye Care

Vision Mart can take care of you in the event of an eye care emergency. If you’ve been in an accident, you got a harmful substance in your eye, you have an infection, or you’re experiencing severe eye pain or irritation, come into our office right away. We have the resources to take care of your eyes and a network of surgeons we can refer you to if needed.

520 E. Main Street Farmington, NM 87401